Merapi Volcano and Merbabu Mountain

Merapi Merbabu Panorama

I went for a walk this morning and I saw a beautiful scenery of Merapi Volcano and Merbabu Mountain. It reminds of a picture that a lot of Indonesians draw when they are asked to draw a scenery – two mountains in a distance. If you don’t believe me, just ask any Indonesian to draw something, 80% of them will draw something like this:


This is a product of mass education where teachers do not encourage creativity of their students. I am glad to see how more children are encouraged to be more creative now.

Learn and Grow!

Christmas and New Year Gifts


Did you receive a lot of gifts for Christmas and New Year this year? Did you receive any special gifts?

This year I received a very special New Year gift. It was wrapped in an inspiring and beautiful picture of.  The message was very personal and encouraging. When I opened it, my heart leaped with joy and excitement. It is something that I’ve always wanted for years, a moleskine! Yes! I love it! Moreover, this gift was given by someone who’s extremely important in my life. Do you want to have a guess?

Yes…it’s me! This is a gift for myself this year.

(Perhaps at this point, you think that I’ve gone mad or something. Giving a gift to myself, then blogging about it on the internet? Well, hear me out.)

First, I believe that it is essential for me to be my own best friend. I want to be my biggest supporter, encouraging and focusing on what I do well instead of punishing myself for every mistake that I made in the past. As a friend, I want to give the most appropriate gift to do just that. This moleskine will be used as a success journal, the pages will be filled with daily success stories, achievements and positive feelings.

Are you also your own best friend?

Second, I also believe that loving, accepting and appreciating myself are very important for my happiness. I can only give what I already have. When I feel the love, acceptance, appreciation and happiness in my daily life, then I can share these feelings with others. Who can make me happy other than myself?

Do you love, accept and appreciate yourself enough?

Third, I give myself a gift because it was fun!

Don’t you want to have some fun too? Go! Get a gift for yourself and have fun!

Learn and Grow!

Inge Santoso

Boom De Ya Da! Discovery Channel Commercial

I really love this commercial. The Earth is really an awesome place and we should be grateful that we are here. There are miracles everywhere…sometimes we forget about how awesome, how amazing, how magnificent every little thing really is.

What are you grateful about today? What do you love?

What are you going to sing today? Boom de ya da!

Photo of the Day

Kid Riding Motorbike

Kid: Concentrate…See, I can do it! (Focus, determination, excitement and a hint of fear)

Mum: Look…no hand! You do it on your own kiddo. (Mixed emotion of fear, pride and excitement)

Photo taken Tea Plantation, Kemuning, Karangpandan.

E-Pond and E-Fish at Changi Airport Singapore

I saw this at Changi Airport Singapore. It was so interesting and fun. I  even ran around on the carpet to chase the e-fish HAHAHA

It is amazing to see how far technology has gone. It will continue to move forward at a faster rate. Are we up to it? This generation is demanded to learn more and faster just to keep up. We cannot afford to stop learning and growing.

Learn and Grow!

Wood Block Print – Changi Airport


While waiting for my flight, I found this wood block print display at Changi Airport. There were several different wood block carvings. You took a piece of paper, put it on top of the wood block carving, then use crayons to rub…voila… wood block print. You can also use different colors to make it more interesting.