Budget for Toilet Fee?

When we arrived in Stockholm, Sweden, we were dropped at the Gallerian mall in the city centre. My mother and I wanted to go to the toilet. When we got there, there was a coin machine next to the door into the toilet. The fee to enter the toilet was 10 Swedish krona, about Rp 15,000. We thought that it was rather expensive, so we decided to go somewhere else.

When we were walking outside, I saw McDonald’s and I thought they had to have a free toilet there. We went inside to order some food (chicken nuggets combo). After we sat down, my mother went to the toilet and she came back telling me that it was not free either. It cost 5 kr. Aargh I was wrong! It was not free!

After we finished eating, we went to queue for the toilet. There was quite a long queue (perhaps because it was still cheaper than the mall). We saw in front of us there were three ladies waiting for the handicap toilet because they wanted to come in all at once to save some money. My mother and I waited for the other one. When there was a guy coming out from the toilet, he was holding the door to let us go in, but my mother did not understand, so she let the door closed. Everybody was looking at her with disappointed face. She had to pay 5 kr to open the door. When she finished, I told her to hold the door, so that I could get in without paying another 5 kr. After I finished, I also held the door for the next person.

What happened was that everybody going into the toilet really did not want to pay! It did not seem fair to pay for toilet after we patronized the store, especially we were talking about McDonald’s here! We were cheating the system and helping each other to avoid paying for it. In this case, being kind towards other people really saves everybody’s money.

Although I still feel guilty for cheating, at least we did pay a bit, 5 kr for the two of us.

Perhaps if we live here, we should even have a budget for toilet usage!

Learn and Grow!
Inge Santoso, B. Com, CFP

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